Harvesting Investment Opportunities on Both the Long & Short Sides of the Global Equity Market
The GREENWICH IVY LONG-SHORT FUND (the “Fund”) is an opportunistic equity mutual fund that invests on both the long and short sides of the global equity market.
The ticker symbols for the Fund are GIVYX (Institutional Class shares) and GRADX (Class A shares).
The Fund is advised by GREENWICH IVY CAPITAL LLC (“Greenwich Ivy ™”), which is an SEC-registered investment adviser based in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Information about Greenwich Ivy Capital, including its Form ADV, can be found at GreenwichIvy.com

The Greenwich Ivy Long-Short Fund’s investment objective is long-term capital appreciation.

As a long-short vehicle, the Fund has the ability to take advantage of price declines in the equity market by shorting individual equity securities and equity ETFs.

At Greenwich Ivy, we believe that long-short capability should be a core part of every investment portfolio. A long-short strategy offers the potential for absolute upside generation as well as downside mitigation.

Long-Term Capital Appreciation


Long-Short Strategy


Potential for Absolute Upside Generation, Along with Downside Mitigation

Firstly, the Fund invests with a long-short equity strategy. The Fund can sell short individual equity securities and equity ETFs, in order to capture stock-specific short alpha and mitigate systematic downside risks.

Secondly, the Fund seeks to employ an active and fundamental approach to investing. We believe that active management can enhance investment returns and that fundamental analysis can lead to additional investment insights not available at the aggregate market level.

Thirdly, at Greenwich Ivy, we aim to be patient, disciplined, and nimble in our investment methodology. We believe that these are essential traits for long-term investment outperformance.

Long-Short Strategy



Active and Fundamental



Patient, Disciplined, Nimble