Active and Fundamental Approach

Potentially Enhanced Returns through Active and Fundamental Management
At Greenwich Ivy Capital (“Greenwich Ivy ™”), we believe that an active and fundamental approach to investing can yield attractive investment results.

The previous decade in the equity market was driven by compressing bond yields and an ever-expanding U.S. Federal Reserve balance sheet. These factors gave rise to strong index-level “beta” returns.

However, going forward we expect that index-level returns will be muted. A multi-year period of low beta returns will necessitate active management, which seeks to capitalize on “alpha” return opportunities.

In addition, we expect that volatility and systematic risk factors will remain elevated, resulting in frequent and significant index-level drawdowns.

We believe that in such an environment, a long-short fund is a critical component of every investment portfolio.


When it comes to active management, we believe that returns can be enhanced through a fundamental investment perspective.

At Greenwich Ivy, we have extensive experience conducting fundamental analyses on companies in different sectors and geographies. Greenwich Ivy’s Chief Investment Officer has met with the CEOs and CFOs of some of the largest corporations globally.

Along with this historical perspective, we may seek to utilize company filings, quarterly transcripts, management presentations, and expert interviews to obtain a fundamental understanding of companies and sectors.

We aim to express our fundamental insights through our investments in the Fund, on both the long and short sides of the market.